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Frequently Asked Kansas Adoption Questions – Answers by a Kansas Adoption Attorney

Frequently Asked Kansas Adoption Questions – Answers by a Kansas Adoption Attorney
August 2, 2016 James Greenier

Every day children in need of a family and families in need of a child are able to find each other through adoption. Adoption is a wonderful way for a family to grow and provide a healthy, happy upbringing for a child. Kansas adoption laws offer a variety of ways for a family to adopt a child based on many different factors. Having a thorough understanding of the process, requirements and options can help save you time and headache in both the short-term and long-term. Families across the nation have been in your circumstance and often have the same questions you do. Taking the time to research the adoption process in Kansas or speak to an experienced Kansas Adoption Attorney will benefit you and your family before, during and after the process is complete.

What makes a qualified adoptive parent?

Many prospective adoptive parents wonder if they are qualified or meet certain criteria required to adopt a child. The most important characteristic of an adoptive parent is the desire and ability to raise and care for a child who is not biologically your own. Financial stability, emotional and physical health reliability are also imperative to ensure the child has a healthy environment to grow up in with parents he or she can depend on. An adoptive parent can be single, married or widowed, there is no marriage requirement to adopt a child.

What kind of living arrangements do I have to have?

An adult who wishes to adopt a child does not have to be a homeowner. Regardless of whether you rent an apartment, live in a mobile trailer or own a home, the criteria required focus on the space you can offer a child as an additional member of the household and the safety of the living environment. A home study will be conducted during the adoption process to analyze your living arrangements and the members of the family to ensure adequacy based on a variety of factors.

How long does the adoption process take?

Every adoption matter is unique, and therefore, every adoption timeline may be different depending on the subjective circumstances. How quickly the process can be completed from inquiry, to application, to completion will depend on your family’s availability and response time with paperwork and other requirements. Generally the process takes between 4 – 6 months, however the matching and selection process can varying based on your family’s preferences. The length of time it takes to achieve finalization may seem long. However, the process is designed to ensure maximum success for both your family and the child.

How an Experienced Kansas Adoption Attorney Can Help You Grow Your Family

With over 40 years of experience, our law firm understands the questions you have regarding the adoption process, and we look forward to helping you answer them. Call Kansas Adoption Attorney Tom McDowell, McDowell Chartered Legal Services today at (316) 633-4322 to see how we can assist you with your Kansas adoption matter.