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Child Custody Support

Kansas Child Custody Attorney

Child Custody, Child Support, Parenting Time, and Paternity Lawyer

At the McDowell Chartered law firm in Wichita, Kansas, our practice is centered on the needs of families — especially on the needs of children. We know that as a parent or grandparent, you share that concern.

After a divorce is final or after a non-marital parenting relationship ends, situations change and the agreements or judgments made at the time of the divorce need to change. If you have concerns about post-divorce changes, talk to our child custody lawyer about your circumstances and your concerns.

Kansas Child Custody Lawyer

A shared custody agreement may need to change because one parent moves out of state. Even when the primary residential parent stays the same, the changed circumstances may require changes in parenting time or child support. Call a child custody lawyer at McDowell Chartered and discuss your situation and what you feel would best benefit your children. We help families resolve parenting time and custody matters.

Kansas Child Support Attorney

What is the right amount of child support to pay? The amount you pay under Kansas child support guidelines is determined by a worksheet that can be misunderstood. For example, the parent paying child support may be entitled to an out-of-state differential and tax offsets. Extensive parenting time by the non-residential parent can affect child support. Other circumstances, such as long-distance parenting costs, can also affect child support. Call us to discuss your particular circumstances.

Wichita, Kansas, Paternity Lawyer

When the parents of a child were never married, paternity needs to be legally established. Paternity gives a child’s father the right to parenting time and standing in a custody dispute, but may also require the father to pay child support. If you are the mother or the father, talk to our law firm about your rights and obligations under the law.

Most of the clients at McDowell Chartered come from Kansas cities including Wichita, Andover, El Dorado, Winfield, Arkansas City (Ark City), Wellington, Hutchinson, Newton, Eureka, and other communities in Greenwood County, Butler County, Cowley County, Sumner County, Sedgwick County, Reno County, and Harvey County.

When you want to talk with a lawyer about an issue involving your children or grandchildren, please call us.

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