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What the Petition Process for Adult Adoption Involves in Kansas

What the Petition Process for Adult Adoption Involves in Kansas
October 28, 2016 James Greenier

When most people think of adoption, they picture an adult adopting a child who is a family member or is in foster care. Many people overlook the necessity for adults to also be adopted by other adults. This occurrence and desire surfaces more frequently than presumed and it is important to understand your options if you know of a loved adult in need of adoption. Adult adoption provides a legal way for another adult to create a legal relationship and experience all of the benefits and roles of a legal parent. The process is relatively simple and delivers very rewarding and comforting results.  In addition to the emotional bond that is created through adoption, adults can also establish inheritance rights, obtain medical records or be afforded hospital visits, and receive social security benefits. All adult adoption processes begin by filing a petition with the district court in the appropriate county.

Common Reasons for Adult Adoption

Typically, adult adoptions occur because a relationship previously existed between an adult and a child. This type of relationship may be one of foster parent-foster child quality or of a former stepparent who sustained a long lasting and loving relationship of a child. The adoption of a former foster care child would facilitate the permanency that was unable to be achieved while the child was in foster care and afford the rights and responsibilities of a parent-child relationship. Another common reason and form of adult adoption is when a stepparent wishes to adopt their stepchild and can do so without requiring the biological parent’s consent. This can also occur if a same-sex partner would like to adopt a child and was not previously able to do so

The Petition Process

To begin the process of adopting an adult in Kansas, a petition must be filed in the District Court of the appropriate and applicable county. This is usually required in the county where the adult resides and has established domicile. An adult adoption petition is typically a more streamlined process compared to a child adoption, as it does not require a home study, obtained parental consent or the termination of parental rights. The petition must contain the reason for the desired adoption, statements regarding residential and marital information and the written consents of both parties.

Although adult adoption is less time consuming than a traditional adoption there are still important legalities to consider, Kansas laws to be adhered to and necessary steps to be taken. To ensure efficiency, it is recommended that this petition is written and filed by the proper legal representation that is familiar with applicable adoption laws in Kansas and has extensive knowledge of the legal system.

A Qualified Kansas Adoption Attorney Can Assist You With the Petition Process  

If you wish to adopt an adult loved on in your life, you need experienced legal representation to ensure the process goes smoothly. Alleviate any stress you are experiencing by contacting the Kansas Adoption Attorney at McDowell Chartered Legal Services today at (316) 633-4322 to start the petition process and have all of your Kansas adult adoption questions answered.