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Applicable Adoption Laws in Kansas – Reviewed by Kansas Adoption Lawyer

Applicable Adoption Laws in Kansas – Reviewed by Kansas Adoption Lawyer
August 5, 2016 James Greenier

The adoption laws in Kansas are generally relatively “friendly” and are designed to encourage the adoption process in order to place children with loving families. There are many statutes that directly address adoption in Kansas, and most can be found under Article 21 of Chapter 59. It is important to understand the specific laws pertaining to Kansas adoption as each state’s adoption laws can be different and different elements may be required. In order to keep the process as streamlined and uncomplicated as possible it is recommended that you educate and familiarize yourself with the adoption laws of Kansas or speak with a qualified Kansas Adoption Lawyer in order to be adequately prepared.

Who Can Adopt a Child in Kansas

Laws regarding who is qualified to adopt a child in Kansas are found in §59-2113.  Specifically in Kansas, “Any adult, or husband and wife jointly, may adopt and minor or adult as their child in the manner provided K.S.A. 59-1111 through 59-2143, except that one spouse cannot do so without the consent of the other.” The statutes make no further address regarding regulations for adoption, other than the person has to be an adult over the age of eighteen. This also means there is no restriction on LGBT adoptions in Kansas.

It has also been established, according to precedent in conjunction with the court’s focus of the child’s best interest, that the state of Kansas will never give adoption preference to a person with a criminal background. An adoption applicant must be able to show evidence that their home and living environment is safe and suitable clean home, as well as being able to financially and reliably provide for the child’s well-being.

The Adoption Process in Kansas

Before the legal process is commenced, researching the topic of adoption or discussing with a qualified adoption attorney will arm you with the information you need to proceed. After understanding and deciding which type of adoption you would like to use and any preferences for the age or ethnicity of the child, along with other factors, you are ready to file for adoption. The adoption process in Kansas, as in most states, is initiated by filing a petition with the court. Once a petition is filed the court will most likely set a hearing date. The child’s parents must terminate their parental rights prior to a legal adoption being approved by the court. A home study must also be conducted, which involves the evaluation of the home, the family members and the circumstances under which the child may be potentially brought into an environment.

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