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The Process to Adopt a Child in Kansas – Discussed by a Kansas Adoption Attorney

The Process to Adopt a Child in Kansas – Discussed by a Kansas Adoption Attorney
May 26, 2016 James Greenier

Understanding the Kansas adoption process before diving in can only benefit you in the short-term and long-term. There are many stages of the process, including paperwork, a court hearing, dealing with an agency and others. Adoption is exciting and expanding your family is special. However, it is important to adequately educate yourself in order to prepare as much as possible. Every prospective parent has a plethora of questions before, during and after adoption, so find comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Discussing adoption with other adoptive parents, a qualified Kansas attorney, or support groups can also create a network of necessary resources and support.

Kansas Adoption Eligibility

To be able to adopt a child or infant in the state of Kansas, the law states you must be at least 18 years old. Other age criteria may also exist depending on the type of adoption you wish to pursue. Both spouses in a married couple must also consent to the adoption. Various background checks must also be submitted, including a criminal background check and an assessment of your financial stability. Kansas adoption laws center on adoptive parents being able to provide the most healthy and supportive living environment and the court will make its decisions accordingly.

Potential adoptive parents must also submit to a home study in order to be eligible and continue with the adoption process. A home study is conducted through an agency, which will send a representative or social worker to evaluate your home and the applicants. A home study ensures the house is clean, safe and prepared to house a child or infant. The agent will also interview the parents to discuss their marital health, their lifestyle, career obligations, other children and other pertinent information.

Types of Adoption in Kansas

Kansas, like many states across the nation, offers a variety of types of adoption to fit any seeking parent’s wishes. Whether you are looking to adopt domestically, internationally, privately or publicly, there are children in need of loving homes. The legal process for each type may vary however and it is important to consult with an experienced Kansas Adoption Attorney to understand the requirements and meet them successfully. Understanding the intricacies of each type at the outset can help you avoid delays and other obstacles that may present themselves.

Kansas also offers kinship (relative) adoption for family members who wish to adopt other family members. This is common when a grandparent, aunt or uncle wishes to adopt their grandchild, niece or nephew. Stepparent and second parent adoption are also very common given the evolution of families in society today. Regardless of your family dynamic or your ideal adoption scenario, there is an adoption solution to fit your needs and help you successfully expand your family.

How an Experienced Kansas Adoption Attorney Can Help You Grow Your Family

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