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The Process of Adopting a Child Internationally

The Process of Adopting a Child Internationally
October 12, 2021 James Greenier

Adopting a child from abroad is one of the most admirable and fulfilling things a person or couple will do.  Once you have reviewed your options and educated yourself on the type of adoption you desire, you may be ready to move forward with the process. One type of adoption many parent(s) explore is adopting a child internationally from another country. This can be desirable for a variety of reasons, however the intricacies of international adoption can create complexities that should be considered as well.

If you are interested in pursuing an international adoption, you may wish to speak to an experienced international adoption attorney who understands both the adoption laws in Kansas as well as how they relate abroad. When approaching the process, there are a few key things to keep in mind to encourage a smooth and successful adoption and alleviate delays or complications.

Initial Country Research and Consideration

As a couple or an individual, you may have decided that you wish to pursue an international adoption. That is a significant first step, however it is very important that you conduct diligent and thorough research regarding which country you would like to adopt from and why. An agency or adoption attorney will have helpful information regarding the process through various countries, and can offer insight and suggestions as to why some countries may be more fitting choices than others. Each country has unique laws and regulations surrounding the process of adoption so it is important to be fully aware and prepared prior to proceeding and filing.

International Adoption Process

The process of adopting a child from abroad can be long and daunting, however it is an exciting time and can be simple and successful if you are prepared and proceed proficiently. An experienced adoption attorney can help advise you on which agency to choose, educate you on relevant adoption laws and timeline expectations, obtain visas for the child, perform adoption services and ensure the proper questions are asked when choosing a country and agency. Oftentimes very little information regarding the child and his or her parents is available, so asking as many questions as possible and being aware of the unknown is advised.

After a home study is conducted and all adoption paperwork is complete and properly filed, little control is left over the process and parents must wait until they hear further. Various documents are required on behalf of the parent(s) as well including birth certificates, medical records, marriage certificate, statement of intent to adopt and others depending on the agency.

How Kansas Adoption Attorney Tom McDowell Can Answer Your International Adoption Questions

Choosing to bring a baby into your home is an exciting and anxious time, and understandably you want to make correct, informed decisions. Kansas Adoption Lawyer Tom McDowell has helped expand families for over 40 years, and looks forward to helping you expand yours as well. Call McDowell Chartered Legal Services today at (316) 633-4322 to see how we can help you successfully grow your family today.