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Kansas Adoption Attorney Shares Thoughts on Deciding Whether to Place a Child for Adoption

Kansas Adoption Attorney Shares Thoughts on Deciding Whether to Place a Child for Adoption
January 23, 2017 James Greenier

If you are pregnant and you are wondering how you will choose between raising your child or placing your child for adoption, know that you are not alone. Many women from all different walks of life are considering this same question right now, today, and many others have already worked their way through this decision at one time or another. While it is true that you are not alone, it is also important that you realize that your situation is unique, and your decision must likewise be unique to you and to who you are. Some women find it helpful to ask themselves some questions as they work through their thoughts and feelings on pregnancy, parenting, and adoption. Perhaps the following questions will be useful to you as you prepare to make your decision regarding your baby.

One question that expectant mothers often ask themselves as they think about adoption is, “Whose decision is it, anyways?”. Expectant mothers who are considering adoption may be interacting with many different people in their everyday lives – family, friends, health care providers, and many others. Often, these people are all too willing to offer their opinion on what they think you should do, whether you ask them to share their views with you or not. When all of these opinions are coming at you, it can be easy to lose sight of the most important fact that lies at the very heart of the matter – the choice of whether you relinquish your child belongs to you. No one can force you to place a child for adoption, nor can they force you to raise them yourself. You get to decide how you will make your decision, what sources of information you will look to, and whose guidance you seek. When you are discussing your situation with others, it is important that they respect that what you do is your choice. If they do not recognize or respect this fundamental truth, it may be best for you to end the conversation, and, if the person is someone who has been providing a service that you need, to find a new provider.

Another question that often helps women determine how they feel about whether adoption is the right choice for them is the question of what the underlying reason or reasons are that the idea of adoption has come to mind. Some of the issues that cause women to consider adoption are temporary problems that could affect your ability to parent in the short-term. In contrast, adoption is a permanent choice. If you notice that you have been thinking about financial instability, lack of family support, or other issues that could have solutions that are less permanent than adoption, you may want to explore those options and see whether any of them affect how you feel about adoption.

Whether you choose adoption for your child or not is up to you. If you do want to pursue adoption, be sure to do so with the help of a Kansas Adoption Attorney. An adoption attorney will represent your interests and help you find answers to questions that you have throughout the adoption process. If you have questions about adoption, Kansas Adoption Attorney Thomas McDowell may be able to help you. Please call us today, at (316) 633-4322 to schedule an initial consultation.