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Kansas Adoption Attorney Answers the Most Common Questions Adoptive Parents in Kansas Ask

Kansas Adoption Attorney Answers the Most Common Questions Adoptive Parents in Kansas Ask
August 13, 2016 James Greenier

Although you may have a plethora of questions as an adoptive parent, there are many resources you can access to find the answers you need to move forward with the process successfully. The more familiar you become with the process, the less daunting it will seem and the more efficiently you can reach finalization. Properly educating yourself can help alleviate obstacles, confusion and delays you may face throughout the process. Discussing your experience with other parents who have adopted, contacting support groups, or reaching out to an experienced adoption attorney can help you better understand your goals and how you can best achieve them.

How does the foster-to-adopt process work?

Kansas provides a number of ways a family can adopt a child, one of which is foster-to-adopt. Foster-to-adopt is a popular and commonly used process of adoption where a foster parent who takes in a child can eventually legally adopt them and care for them permanently. This process, just like any other form of adoption requires termination of parental rights and the foster parents becoming adoptive parents, which legally step into the role as the child’s parent. This option may not always be guaranteed, however expressing interest in adopting a foster child increases the likelihood of adoption, stability and long-term care for the child.

Is adoption training available?

The state of Kansas wishes to place children and families together in the most successful and healthy way. In order to help facilitate this goal, a 30-hour PS-MAPP (Permanency and Safety – Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting) training session is required before a parent is able to adopt a child. The course is free and helps adoptive parents decide whether or not the choice is right for them and if so to help them adequately prepare and better understand what to expect. The course is offered throughout the year and takes ten weeks to complete.

Who are the children available for adoption?

Children needing homes and loving families come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and ages. Generally, children are eight years old or older and come from foster homes, although many infants and newborns can be adopted as well. Options available may also vary whether you use a public or private form of adoption. Some of the children also have special needs, meaning they have behavioral or learning challenges or physical limitations.

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