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What Subsidies and Assistance Are Available for Adopting a Child With Special Needs in Kansas?

What Subsidies and Assistance Are Available for Adopting a Child With Special Needs in Kansas?
November 30, 2016 James Greenier

Individuals or families in Kansas that are interested in adopting a child in Kansas may have questions regarding subsidies and financial assistance that is available. Kansas offers a variety of programs that encourage child adoption so prospective parents who have a heart and desire to adopt are not deterred for financial reasons. In addition, specific assistance and subsidies are available for families interested in adopting a child with special needs.

Every year children with varying disabilities or challenges are seeking and need loving homes. Because children with such needs may incur additional medical or therapeutic financial expenses, the government does not want to hold back the adoption process of such children. Such subsidy and assistance programs can offer the additional resources families need to adequately care for a child with special needs in the way they deserve. Special needs subsidies become active at the time the adoption is finalized and usually last until the child turns 18 unless there is evidence that the need continues into the age of majority and assistance may be extended.

How Federal and State Subsidy Programs Work

Across the nation and in the state of Kansas, specific assistance programs exist to facilitate the additional financial requirements an adopted child with special needs may experience. Federal and state adoption assistance programs, commonly referred to as Title IV-E and non-Title IV-E respectively, were created to encourage special needs adoption and provide parents with the resources they need and require. Based on the child’s mental, physical and psychological health history, he or she may qualify for particular state or federal assistance programs. The amount they are eligible to receive is deciphered according to the severity of their challenge or disability and the permanency of the incapacity as well.

Subsidy programs are available for both private and public forms of adoption. Discuss your family’s desires for adoption and explore your ability to receive federal or state assistance with a qualified and experienced Kansas adoption attorney. An attorney with decades of experience, such as Tom McDowell, will be able to review the eligibility requirements and thoroughly explore all available options.

Some common qualifications for special needs assistance include a child that is twelve years of age or older, is a member of a sibling family unit of three or more children, is medically diagnosed with a physical disability, has significant developmental disabilities and/or delays or has been diagnosed as having a behavioral or emotional disability. Although that is a very broad and general overview of some available qualifications, much more are included.

An Experienced Kansas Adoption Attorney Can Answer Your Questions Today

The process of adopting a child with special needs can be both exciting and stressful. Get the answers you need by contacting the Kansas Adoption Attorney at McDowell Chartered Legal Services today at (316) 633-4322 to discuss special needs subsidies and assistance options available so you can move forward with your Kansas adoption with confidence and reassurance.