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What Are the Qualifications to Adopt a Child in Kansas

What Are the Qualifications to Adopt a Child in Kansas
April 13, 2022 James Greenier

Tragically, children enter Kansas’ foster care system nearly every day.  Fortunately, there are many prospective parents hoping to expand their home through adoption. The desire to adopt a child does not automatically qualify a family to adopt a child. Adoption is an important, permanent, and legally binding agreement that grants parental rights to adults who are not the child’s biological parents.

The decision to adopt a child is significant and the decision should not be impulsive. To make certain only suitable and deserving parents are able to adopt a child in Kansas, the State of Kansas has certain qualification and criteria that must be met. Understanding these special requirements will help you and your family ready yourselves accordingly and make sure that you are qualified to bring a child into your home.

It is important to understand that there are no specific words or strategies that will ensure that you meet the required adoption criteria, because there are several different factors that are evaluated.  For example, there is an age requirements.  Kansas adoption laws state that an adopting adult must be 18 years or older to file for adoption.  An adopting adult must be under 40-years-old.

A family that wants to adopt or foster a child will also have to complete an approval process prior to an adoption being finalized.  This process includes background checks to look at the adoptive parent’s criminal history and economic stability. Although Kansas does not require a specified amount of income that the adoptive parent must earn annually to qualify, it is important for prospective parents to show that they can adequately support the child.  In Kansas, adopting parents must take a 30-hour adoption training course that reviews what adoptive parents should expect, ways to connect with the child, how to handle the transition phase, and other beneficial information.  In addition, a home study course must taken before a child is able to come home with the adoptive family.  The home study also creates an opportunity for the adoption agency to visit the adoptive parent’s home, inspect the home, and speak with the potential adoptive parents.  This home study also reviews your marital stability, marital status, values, morals as parents, social lifestyle, religious lifestyle, career, relationships with community, family relationships, physical, mental, and emotional health, and other important criteria.

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