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What Are The Criteria to Adopt a Child in Kansas? – Discussed by a Kansas Attorney

What Are The Criteria to Adopt a Child in Kansas? – Discussed by a Kansas Attorney
September 18, 2016 James Greenier

A family can add a child to their unit through an abundance of ways, and adoption options continue to become more expansive. A few options include a grandparent or relative choosing to adopt another family member through a kinship adoption, a stepparent adopting their spouse’s child, or through embryo donation. Regardless of the type of adoption your family chooses to proceed with in Kansas, it is important to be fully educated and understand the intricacies and requirements each type of adoption involves. Although there are many children in need of safe homes and loving families, not all parents or people wishing to adopt a child may qualify. Kansas and Kansas law strive to be as inclusive and welcoming to new prospective parents as possible. However, there are specific criteria that ever applicant and prospective parent much meet in order to proceed with an adoption.

Age and Financial Requirements

In Kansas, a person or couple must be at least eighteen years old to adopt a child. They must also be mentally and physically capable of caring for a minor to a level that best suits their needs and interests. While there is no particular salary or amount a person must make in regards to their income, they must be able to prove they are fiscally sound and able to care for themselves and a child. It is necessary to reiterate that adopt is a commitment that lasts the lifetime of a child. An adoptive parent becomes the legal parent in every sense of the title, and therefore is obligated to them as a parent would be. When considering expenses and financial capability, adoptive parents should include all medical, educational, dental, insurance and other areas of need applicable to a child until they reach the age of eighteen.

Home Study and Background Checks

A home study or assessment is also required in Kansas, as it is in most states. A home study is conducted in order to evaluate the sound nature and suitability for a child, including those who live in the home. An agent or representative will visit the home and discuss the adoption with the potential adoptive parents to understand more about their background, personalities and commitment to caring for a child at such a permanent level.  Another critical step in the adoption process is submitting to criminal and financial background checks to verify your ability to adopt a child based on your criminal and financial history and stability.

How a Kansas Adoption Attorney Can Help Your Family Today

With decades of experience, Kansas Adoption Attorney Tom McDowell has helped many families with a variety of types of adoptions. He understands the complexities of the process and hopes to alleviate any concerns your family may have. If you have questions regarding a contested will or probate matter you are experiencing in Kansas, do not be discouraged. Contact McDowell Chartered Legal Services today at (316) 633-4322 to see how we can help you discern the rights you may have in claiming property.