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Types of Adoption Options for Kansas Families

Types of Adoption Options for Kansas Families
December 29, 2016 James Greenier

Considering or deciding to adopt a child is a very special time in a person or couple’s life. Creating a family is incredibly admirable for all parties involved and is a valued decision. Many prospective families vary when it comes to what stage of the adoption process they are in. Some couples are just starting to survey their options, some know their options but need more information and some couples know exactly what they are looking for and have already made a decision. If you are a person or couple who would like to know your adoption options in Kansas, this article can help you further educate yourself.

International Adoption

International adoption occurs when a family here in the United States wishes to adopt a child who lives in another country. This type of adoption occurs through an agency and there are many agencies to choose from. It is important to research not only a variety of agencies, but a variety of countries as well. You may have a particular region in mind, however each country’s adoption policies vary so it’s important that you educate yourself accordingly. The average length of time working with certain agencies and adopting from certain countries can vary as well, therefore it is important to begin the research process as soon as possible.

Domestic Adoption

Domestic adoption is also a very popular form of adoption, and takes place when both parties live within the United States. In domestic adoption, a couple will usually work through a public or private agency and the mother of the child will choose the family she deems fit to adopt her child. Depending on the agency, the wait time to be selected can vary, but usually can take up to a year or even two.

Older Child or Special Needs Adoption

Every state provides different options when it comes to adopting older or special needs children. Many states facilitate older or special needs adoptions through other states. Special Needs does not always mean the children have a physical or mental disability; they may be apart of a family that needs to stay together, a minority or considered an “older” child and fall under this category of adoption. Most parents will be required to take a course in order to prepare themselves for the specific needs a child may have and any issues a family may need assistance handling.

Kansas Home Study Adoption Requirement

Regardless of the type of adoption you decide to pursue, a Home Study will be required. A Home Study is required by an agency, and is usually conducted by a social worker on behalf of the agency. This evaluation takes place in order to fully assess the potential home environment the adopted child would live in. This includes the condition of the home, the stable and healthy relationship between the parents, and an overall analysis of how the parents can and will provide for the child. Prospective parents are also required to submit background checks, financial statements, and discuss issues such as childhood, divorce or domestic violence history and parenting styles.  Parents are responsible for the cost to complete a Home Study, however some public agencies may waive this fee and some private agencies include it in their total fee.

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