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Kansas Attorney Reviews Qualifications and Criteria to Adopt a Child in Kansas

Kansas Attorney Reviews Qualifications and Criteria to Adopt a Child in Kansas
October 31, 2016 James Greenier

Every day children enter the foster care system and every day prospective parents wish to expand their families through adoption. Although the desire to adopt a child may be present, it does not alone automatically qualify a person or family as suitable to adopt a child. Adoption is a permanent and legally binding contract that affords parental rights to adults who are not biologically the child’s parents. The weight of this decision is substantial and is not one to be decided impulsively.

To help ensure only deserving and suitable parents are able to adopt children in Kansas, various qualification and criteria laws have been put in place. Understanding the required specifications will help you and your family prepare yourselves accordingly and ensure you are fit to bring a child into your life. Although there is no magic equation that a person can use to analyze whether they meet the required adoption criteria, there are a variety of factors that can be evaluated. Regarding age requirements, Kansas’s adoption law states that an adult must be 18 years of age to file for adoption and usually must be under the age of 40.

A family that wishes to adopt or foster a child must complete an approval process before an adoption can be finalized. The process includes a variety of background checks to monitor criminal history and financial stability. Although there is no specified amount of income or salary a person or household must acquire, it is necessary for prospective parents to present evidence that they are able to sufficiently support the child.

In addition to submitting to background checks, a 30-hour adoption training course must be completed. The course reviews what adoptive parents can expect, how to handle the transition phase, ways to connect with the child and other beneficial information. A home study must also be conducted before a child is able to come home with a family. The home study creates an opportunity for the agency to visit the home, inspect it to see if it is a healthy living environment for a child and speak with the parents to assess their suitability. The home study will also review your marital status and stability, your morals and values as parents, your social and religious lifestyle, career obligations, relationships with family and community, physical, mental, and emotional health, and other criteria that can help ensure a proper match between parents and child.

Learn if You Qualify to Adopt a Child in Kansas

With decades of experience, Kansas Adoption Attorney Tom McDowell has helped many families with a variety of types of adoptions. He understands the complexities of the process and hopes to alleviate any concerns your family may have. If you have questions regarding your qualifications as an adoptive parent, do not be discouraged or hesitant to call. Contact McDowell Chartered Legal Services today at (316) 633-4322 to see how we can help you begin or finalize your adoption the best way possible.