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How to Privately Adopt an Infant in Kansas – Reviewed by Kansas Adoption Lawyer

How to Privately Adopt an Infant in Kansas – Reviewed by Kansas Adoption Lawyer
September 1, 2016 James Greenier

A child adoption should begin with obtaining an intricate understanding of the process in Kansas through education and acquired knowledge. The more information you and your family absorb the faster and more efficient your private adoption can be successfully completed. If you have researched the various types of adoption and you are confident you would like to move forward with the private adoption of an infant, you may wish to contact an experienced Kansas Adoption Attorney. Regardless of whether you choose to contact an attorney or proceed yourself, it is essential that you are aware of each step that is involved to ensure you are approaching the process efficiently to avoid delays or obstacles.

Application and Requirements

Once you have decided that you wish to pursue a private adoption, you will need to decide whether or not you would like to work with or without an adoption agency. There are pros and cons to choosing either option so again, diligent research or consulting with a professional is beneficial in making this decision. Your case will be opened and you will be assigned to case management who will be the liaison between you, the parents and the child you wish to adopt. Before an adoption can be finalized and you are able to take the child home after he or she is born, the child’s biological parents must consent to the adoption and terminate their parental rights. Termination and consent laws vary according to each state’s established laws, and accordingly Kansas has their own intricate set of subjective adoption laws.


In addition, ICWA (Indian Child Welfare Act) and ICPC (Interstate Compact of Placement of Children) may also be applicable and require specific compliance steps if the child is of Native American heritage or being adopted across state lines.  The ICPC is an agreement between all fifty states that creates a uniform set of regulations surrounding the adoption process between states and is applicable if you adopt a child from outside the state of Kansas.Adoption Finalization Hearing

A finalization hearing will be scheduled and held as a conclusive step to the adoption process. The judge will gather all relevant information and analyze the completion of the home study, assess any relevant evidence and may seek testimony from the adoptive parents. If the judge feels the adoption should be finalized, they will use their discretion and grant the request. A birth certificate can also be requested and received, stating the child’s new legal name after the adoption is complete.

A Qualified Kansas Adoption Attorney Can Help You With a Successful Adoption

With decades of experience, Attorney Tom McDowell understands that the adoption process can be complicated, and obstacles can arise if you are not fully prepared. Each state handles its adoption process differently, and Tom McDowell has assisted in helping numerous Kansas families grow their family. If you have questions regarding the adoption process you are undergoing in Kansas, our professionals understand and are here to help. Contact McDowell Chartered Legal Services today at (316) 633-4322 to see how we can develop an adoption plan that best suits you and your family’s needs.