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How to Know Whether or Not You Can Afford to Adopt a Child in Kansas

How to Know Whether or Not You Can Afford to Adopt a Child in Kansas
November 1, 2016 James Greenier

As a single person or as a family unit, you may be exploring the possibility of adopting a child. In addition to being sure you are ready to expand your family in one of the most influential ways possible, you must also be sure you are able to financially support an adopted child. Legally adopting a child places them in your permanent care as a parent until they reach the age of majority.

If you already have children you may understand the weight of this decision. However, if this may be your first child it is crucial that you are fully aware of the substantial undertaking you are broaching. Kansas offers a variety of subsidies and assistance programs for families in need or children with special needs that are adopted. There are also two forms of tax credits offered by the IRS that assist adoptive families in expanding their family. There are also various grants and loans available to families who wish to privately adopt a child.

Handling Your Kansas Adoption the Right Way

Exploring the options available to you and educating yourself on the financial repercussions of adoption will help you make informed decisions and build your confidence throughout the process. You may also wish to discuss your desired adoption with a legal professional who has decades of experience helping families just like yours handle the process from filing to finalization. An attorney such as Tom McDowell will educate you throughout each step to ensure you are making the right adoption decisions at the right time in the right manner.

There is no specific income or salary minimum that a family who wishes to adopt a child must meet. However, general criteria will be examined during the required Home Study that a household must cater to. An agency representative will make his or her recommendation based on a totality of the circumstances, including the economic stability, emotional well-being, household safety, security and many additional inclusive factors of the living environment and those in it.

Child Adoption Assistance Programs in Kansas

In addition to grant programs such as the National Adoption Foundation, A Child Waits Foundation and HelpUsAdopt, there are many additional tax credits, loans and benefits available. Credit Unions and banks such as Bank of America often offer adoptive families specific loan opportunities for private adoptions. Employee benefits may also be offered on behalf of certain companies to families who have recently adopted a child, which may include reimbursement or paid time off of work.

Learn More About Adoption Costs in Kansas by Contacting a Kansas Adoption Attorney

With decades of experience, Kansas Adoption Attorney Tom McDowell has helped many families with a variety of types of adoptions. He understands the complexities of the process and hopes to alleviate any concerns your family may have. If you have questions regarding your financial qualifications as an adoptive parent, do not be discouraged or hesitant to call. Contact McDowell Chartered Legal Services today at (316) 633-4322 to see how we can help you proceed with your adoption the best way possible.