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How Adoptive Parents Can Receive a Tax Credit in Kansas

How Adoptive Parents Can Receive a Tax Credit in Kansas
November 26, 2016 James Greenier

In addition to expanding your family, giving a child in need a loving home and feeling the satisfaction that adoption brings, there are also financial benefits attached to adopting a child in Kansas. Just as the tax credits and deductions families can make when they get married, buy a house or have a child, a tax credit may be applicable when you adopt a child. If you are a resident of Kansas and have recently adopted a child or you are considering adopting a child and wish to explore the plethora of benefits adoption can provide, the IRS also offers encouragement for those seeking to grow their family.

Types of Adoption Credit Available

Specifically, there are two types of adoption tax credit that individual taxpayers can apply for. Commencing in 2005, the law provided for two forms of tax credit to Kansas residents who adopted a child.  The first form of credit is the General Adoption Credit, which is very broad and applies to residents adopting a child.  The second more narrow tax credit is called the Special Needs/Kansas Department for Children and Families Custody Adoption Credit. This form of credit is applicable to residents adopting a child with special needs or is in the custody of the secretary of the Department for Children and Families.  If you feel you qualify or would like to qualify for either form of tax credit, you should discuss the specific details of your adoption matter with an experienced Kansas adoption attorney.

Kansas General Adoption Credit

The most common form of basic credit offered to adopting Kansas residents allow for a 25 percent credit against the federal income tax liability on the federal return. In addition, if the child was a Kansas resident before the adoption, an additional 25 percent is available. Moreover, another 25 percent credit is offered to those Kansas residents who adopt a child who has special needs such as a mental or psychical disability.

Special Needs/Kansas Department for Children and Families Custody Adoption Credit

A family or individual who is a Kansas resident who decides to adopt a child with special needs disability or incapacity is offered a $1,500 credit. This credit also includes any child who is adopted that was previously in the custody of the secretary of Kansas Department for Children and Families, usually based on reasons of abuse or neglect. These tax credits are not in place of the general tax credit but are given in addition to them.

A Qualified Kansas Adoption Attorney Can Assist You With Adoption Tax Credits   

Every adoption presents its own set of challenges, confusions and obstacles. In order to understand all benefits and tax credits available, speak to an experienced Kansas Adoption Attorney today. Alleviate any stress you are experiencing by contacting McDowell Chartered Legal Services today at (316) 633-4322 to start the adoption process and have all of your Kansas adoption tax credit questions answered.