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Helpful Facts to Know About Adopting a Child in Kansas

Helpful Facts to Know About Adopting a Child in Kansas
October 17, 2016 James Greenier

There are many facets to understand about the process of adoption, and adoptive parents should be as educated as possible prior to beginning the process. Across the United States many children anxiously awaiting finding a loving and caring home and the chance to be adopted by a suitable family. If you are considering adoption in Kansas but want to learn more about qualifications, costs, choices and timeline, it is recommended that you discuss your needs and desires with an experienced Kansas adoption attorney. You can also immerse yourself in educational material to adequately prepare.

Adoption offers a way for new families to be established and for existing families to grow. It is a unique opportunity to welcome a child into your home and into your life on a permanent and legal basis. Because of the permanent nature of adoption, it is not a decision that is to be taken lightly and should be sufficiently considered prior to starting the application process. Below are some helpful facts that can assist you in beginning your journey and preparing for the exciting journey of adoption.

Children are in Foster Care Longer Than Expected

One fact that many are unaware of regarding adoption is that children in foster care usually remain there longer than expected. In 2012 over 700 children were adopted in the state of Kansas while almost 2,000 remained in foster care awaiting adoption. The need for adoptive families is great and necessary for the children who wait years to become adopted. Although agencies have the duty of finding placement homes for children as quickly as possible, prospective parents can also encourage the process by applying and submitting all required documents as efficiently as possible. Older children tend to remain in foster care longer than younger children, so perhaps it may be helpful to expand your ideal age and consider adopting an older child.

Types of Adoptions in Kansas

In Kansas, family members or their foster care parents adopt the majority of adopted children. Both adoption and foster care provide financial assistance to those willing and wanting to care for children in need, which encourages the overall process. Kinship adoptions occur commonly where a grandparent or another relative of the child decides to legally adopt him or her. This is common due to the close familial relationship and the desire to keep the child within his or her own family. Stepparent adoptions are also common in Kansas and usually occur when the step-parent of a child, who is married to the child’s biological spouse wishes to also formerly command the legal rights of the child.

An Experienced Kansas Adoption Attorney Can Answer Your Questions Today

The process of adopting a child can be both exciting and overwhelming. Alleviate any stress you are experiencing by contacting McDowell Chartered Legal Services today at (316) 633-4322 to discuss your options, and have all of your Kansas adoption questions answered.