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Frequently Used Terms Adoptive Parents in Kansas Should be Familiar With

Frequently Used Terms Adoptive Parents in Kansas Should be Familiar With
November 10, 2016 James Greenier

Every family and every child experiencing the joys and challenges of adoption understand that it is a process and takes time. Adoption is an incredibly important and significant decision in any family’s life and should be treated with the attention, care and knowledge it deserves. Families who are just beginning to explore the possibility of adoption or those who have recently decided to adopt may benefit from familiarizing themselves with commonly used terms and phrases. Each phrase or adoption term may help you and your family efficiently maneuver through the process and ease the transition phases.

It may also benefit you or your family to discuss your aspirations and questions regarding your adoption with an attorney who has sufficient experience handling adoptions in the state of Kansas. The following are some frequently used adoption terms you should learn and understand prior to adopting a child and growing your family.

Adoption Agency: The entity or organization responsible for vetting families and placing a child (usually a minor) into the permanent care of a suitable, qualified and appropriate family. These organizations can broadly vary, but are typically licensed by the State and can be public, private, for or not for profit, secular or religiously-based.

Adoption Attorney: An attorney licensed in the specific state you wish to adopt in that acts as a liaison between the adopting family, the child and the court to facilitate a successful adoption from filing to processing and finalization.

Adoption Placement Agreement (APA):  The formal agreement that solidifies the adoption from a child in the State’s care. This document outlines any specific terms the adopting family or biological mother has regarding the adoption, and the child remains in the State’s care until the adoption is finalized.

Child in Need of Care (CINC): A minor child under the age of 18 years old who meets the qualifications outlined in Kansas law number 38-2202, and includes children in foster care.

Home Study: A required stage of the adoption process that includes an in-house review and discussion to analyze the overall health and stability of the family dynamic, financial status, background history and the home environment conducted by an agency representative.

Kinship Care: The adoption process in Kansas that involves an adoptive child and a prospective adoptive parent who is closely related to the child.

Relinquishment: The decision the birth parents make to sever their parental rights to their child and consent to offering their child for legal adoption.

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