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Adoption Process FAQ’s Answered by a Kansas Adoption Attorney

Adoption Process FAQ’s Answered by a Kansas Adoption Attorney
December 1, 2016 James Greenier

Adopting a child, while good-intentioned, can come with it certain rules and requirements, making the process a little more involved than you may have expected.  As such, our seasoned Kansas Adoption Attorney has compiled the following frequently asked questions to help prepare you for when you finally decide to start the adoption process. These are as follows:

Do I have to be married or make a lot of money to adopt a child in Kansas?

Kansas does not require you to be married to adopt a child. Adults of varying statuses adopt children everyday including single, widowed or divorced adults. You also do not have to make a significant amount of money to adopt a child. Overall, the most important thing the agency or parents will focus on is how well you can provide for the child’s best interest, and they will make their decision based on that.

How much does an adoption cost?

The cost of adoption can be very subjective and is based on the agency you decide to work with, whether it be public or private. In some cases there are assistance or grant programs available to help with the costs. There is also a Home Study fee that is required of any parent seeking to adopt a child. Sometimes this fee is included in the agency’s fee, or can be waived if you are receiving financial assistance.

How long does the adoption process take?

There is no standard length for the totality of the adoption process. However there are factors that can help gauge and determine the length of the process from the initial inquiry to finalization. These can include your family’s ability to quickly complete the approval process, the type of child you wish to bring into your family, their location and any special needs or surrounding circumstances regarding the child you are adopting. The approval process usually takes 4-8 months, and the selection process after approval can take any where from two months to over a year, depending on the aforementioned and other additional factors.

What kind of children are available for adoption?

The availability and types of children available for adoption are so extensive and provide an abundance of options. Children are available domestically as well as from foreign countries. Children’s ages can also range from infant to teenagers. Special Needs children are also available, and may have certain challenges or limitations that require special care of varying levels. In all respects, it is important to remember your family’s ability when seeking a child to adopt. You must focus on the child’s best interest and be sure you are able to provide a healthy environment and lifestyle accordingly.

Is hiring an attorney necessary for adoption matters?

Although hiring an attorney is not required, it is highly recommended due to the complexities and intricacies of the adoption process. If you or your family is considering adoption and you have further questions, our adoption firm is here to help. We know the adoption process inside and out and have the knowledge it takes to move through the system seamlessly and effectively. Our experienced team of Kansas Adoption Lawyers has extensive knowledge in the area of adoption and has helped many children and families through the process. We will put your family at ease throughout the adoption process and give you confidence that everything is properly being taken care of. Call a Kansas Adoption Attorney at McDowell Chartered Legal Services today at (316) 633-4322 to see how we can successfully assist you with your adoption matter.